Real Estate Investments

UK real estate is a safe choice for investments today, tomorrow and Next year

The value of all world property is now put at 228 trillion dollars. We all know the most valuable and safest investment on the Planet is Property. So It’s no surprise therefore that successful investors, insurance companies and pension funds invest their money into real estate.

In 2018, Its estimated that more than 30% of the real estate transactions in the World will be cross border, amounting to more than $ 700 billion. This globalization of the real estate market continues to accelerate dramatically.

In the past year the UK real estate market had its usual diversity – With Brexit, The Bank of England reducing interest to 0.5% per annum, The weakening of the pound sterling against the Dollar. Increased demand from Immigrant’s And as usual the market not only proved its stability, but also showed a steady growth.

In 2017 the volume of foreign investment into British real estate amounted to more than $ 80 billion.

Again Great Britain took second place globally for the value of foreign investors into its Real estate , currently nearly three times more than Germany who is now at third place on this chart.