US Connected Persons

The latest reports claim that There is an estimated $1 trillion in cash held by over 10 million US persons living outside of the United States.US connected people And Since the implementation of FATCA, finding suitable compliant investment solutions for US expats is becoming increasingly difficult

The investment needs of US-connected clients are often very complex and can be a challenge

US citizens and Green Card holders who are resident in the UK

Because there is A dual tax reporting requirement for US citizens resident in the UK this group of individuals have a challenging investment environment. If unattended to, this can result in complex and onerous tax charges as well as significant tax reporting costs. We have experience of investing in this environment and have formed investment strategies with our Partners companies that have the required solutions for this situation

US citizens and Green Card holders resident in Russia

We are able to find solutions and investment opportunities within the bounds of US and local tax jurisdictions to create suitable portfolios, working for our clients best interests.

Often these portfolios consist of equities and bonds, based upon our clients target portfolios. And often our US connected clients ivest into Real Estate projects But We also manage IRAs, UK pensions and UTMAs alongside our clients’ main investment portfolios, depending upon their individual needs.

US trusts and companies with US connections

We agree investment guidelines with the Trustees or Directors as part of the account opening process. These set out the range of suitable investments. Once established, portfolios are managed in line with these guidelines.