Discretionary Portfolio Management


At CGI we understand that many of our clients are just too busy with their own employment or business to spend time analising the ever-changing markets or investments options available.

For this reason, we offer discretionary, non-discretionary and asset Management services to those clients who want this extra level of service.

Each client regardless of their portfolio size benefits from our substantial, centralized research and our investment team’s long-standing expertise when allocating to all types of asset classes. This provides clients with outstanding value and better risk adjusted performance on each strategy.

CGI use the expertise of our dedicated investment team to conduct in-depth research on each fund manager held within each portfolio, we stress test each model to ensure that each position has limited correlation to major equity or bond markets, allowing investment returns regardless of market direction.

Our investment success comes from the disciplined application of a sound process, guided by a proven philosophy. Applying our time-tested philosophy lays the foundation for overcoming obstacles that often prevent investors from reaching their financial goals.

During each step of the investment process we seek to minimize risk by continually monitoring and evaluating asset class weightings, portfolio exposure, manager correlation and performance against a benchmark.