Residency Visa’s


Many clients over the recent years have enquired about residency visa’s for more desirable countries.

The reasons could be work related, A lifestyle choice for retirement, Personal safety or even to ensure access to better educational institutions for their children.

What ever the reason we are now living in an age where immigration requirements have changed dramatically and its no longer a simple process to relocate to a more desirable country.

Some countries however in the America’s and Europe have put in place resident Visa programs to enable the more deserving individual access to the country of their choice. If you happen to be one of those talented individuals who may be in demand by the new host country its possible to obtain residency for free or even with financial assistance from the host country but for the majority of people, it comes with a price tag.

Maybe you need to purchase property, invest into Government bonds or start a business in the host country. The rules are varied and complex and they have a habit of changing so before you start to dream about living in Europe or the USA have a consultation with one of our Citizenship experts.

They will look at all the options available to you and assist in preparing your application. Our consultants will then assist you going forward with any relevant citizenship applications once you have lived in the new country the required period