Economic Citizenship


Second Passports are no longer just for the Super Rich or those people who have married a foreign spouse, As economic uncertainty and Tax rates increase across the world, There has been a dramatic rise in the numbers of people buying a second passport for themselves and their family.

Some Clients invest in a second passport for personal safety, or to save money from excessive tax regimes whilst others just wish to have greater mobility but what ever the reason the choice of countries offering second citizenship for a financial contribution has increased dramatically in recent years.

CGI currently offer Citizenship by investment to over 20 different countries depending upon the clients requirements and budget.

With prices for a second passport with Visa free travel to Europe starting for as little as $150,000 is easy to see why this opportunity is now increasing in demand from clients who currently may have restrictions on entering Europe.

As a financial service company we always operate with the utmost discretion and understand that many clients wish to apply for a second citizenship in the upmost secrecy and with full confidentiality.

Our Citizenship consultants will work with you to determine the best Country for your needs and then assist you through the application process step by step to make sure you have all the necessary information and documentation to enable your application to be processed and the application forms correctly completed.