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Final Salary Deficits Balloon in 2016

“You are looking at an increase in the deficit of £17bn.” This is the message that final salary pension trustees delivered to the CEO’s of the UK’s 100 largest companies in 2016. The addition of this rather large and intimidating number takes the FTSE 100’s final salary short fall to £87bn. The distribution on this […]

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Budget Report: Autumn Budget 2017

This week we’ll summarise some of the main points of the Autumn Budget 2017, and try to understand what the headline announcements really mean. Chancellor Philip Hammond started his speech on an optimistic note, announcing that the UK economy continues to grow and continues to create more jobs … apparently in the face of all […]

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What Does 3% Inflation Mean For Investors?

Most of us have an idea what inflation means in practice. It means that the cost of everything we buy goes UP. And our spending power goes DOWN. Broadly, 3% inflation means that what costs £100 this year will cost £103 next year. It doesn’t seem much maybe. But the cumulative effects of inflation can […]

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